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Jump In


Welcome, strangers, the seld taught to all the speechmakers
I invite all you uptight assholes to say what you need
Before I rip out your soul, you're fucked
But soon you'll wake up and backtrack the whack-ass words we madeup
Follow me into a brand new evolution, adapt and adjust
There will be no more illusions

Turn me on now because I'm ready to go
Rise above and beyond through the clouds and unknown
Live for the thrill to feel what it's like
You knew it would come, it was a matter of time

It's time too see all you go off, make the pit spin
When the shit gets loud, you jump in
Can I hear all the crowd , break em off then
Now make that shit sounds loud

Got no time for the haters so fuck you
Don't sleep 'cause we're coming through
Won't catch my kind on 95.1 middle finger for the stereotype
Had to take a chance to get this far
Now look where you are, and look where we are
Not naming no names in the one chance game but look to thestage
And you will soon see

Us kick up dust, giving up no slack
Been catching some shit, now I'm throwing it back
Wishing for the downfall but all in all
Its just part of the play so I say fuck them all

Let's make some noise
Break through the ground up to make noise and come with
Let's work that shit
One last time... don't quit

Jump in, jump in, jump in,
jump in, jump in, jump

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