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Set It Off


Turn it up front, I'm turning heads
Speaking to the corrupt youth, prime time for the bloodshed
The impeccable minds embedded with the haze
Packing funeral beds going out in a blaze with no glory
To make the headline story, nationwide on the air homocide
Without thinking remorse a meek consequence
Was a bullet for self now the queries begin

Set it off
For the youth gone rat - a - tat, feel the aftermath
Did you get a good look with each life you took
No life for sale, one more tragic tale

And what remains of this simple world
They push the time to be scared no more
I'm watching war on the streets
But what the fuck is the cause
We're slowly slipping from the place in which we started from
Just a life jeopardized, through the use of a gun
And through the eyes lies thoughts and dreams
Reality kicks in soon, so make a wish in between
You cause yourself to confide in the bullshit
Time is up the main event

Can't understand the ways ''cause in my days, we knuckled 'em up
Nowadays it's bang-bang shoot 'em up
You get dealt with in no time that's real shit
Now hear the word take a tip from the one not the frame of mind
Like Columbine, I be rhyme with no reason at any time
To those beware here to take a stand
The final shell just dropped
From the gun in my hand

The stage is now set

Was that life
For sale
So did you get a good look at this life (come on)

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