Wasted innocence, cries of mental pain
End of her existence, disgraced by inability
New chapter of darkness rapture
Shedded blood black like a coal
Ripped clothes will not shine anymore
Only the cry of particle
That what she was once
Embryonic pose of false security

Humiliated in her nudity, staged before a crowd
Thousand of scornful glances penetrate the essence
Of which she was once
Scars on her back are still bleeding, she will never rise
Alone in the darkness of their own memories
Spreads her hands preparing for the inevitable
Suffering is becoming more distant,
Hundreds of hands reaching for her soul
Wet touch is piercing her throat

Dusk falls and eternal peace
In chains of slavery flows in ecstasy
New feelings filled her mouth like wine
Bleeding eyes stare into the abyss
The final fall has made
For the glory of enlightened ignorance
Fed by perversion and promises of a better world
Black rain will wash away the memories
And fill the golden cup

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