How dare you
Show your lies as truth
For thousands beings encased
In dogmatic chains
Like slaves,
Going over the precipice
Blinded by visions of a better life,
How dare you impose
On others your rights
False security, unfulfilled promises
After death, they will come
To enforce their pardon
Betrayal on your mouth

Blood on your hands
Golden temples
Burned villages,
Fear of the ubiquitous gaze
Cruelty in the name of false laws
He who follows the path of truth,
Fallen eons ago

Hatred, defiled by slander
Rising to bring order from chaos
Float over the reality to crush
Deceitful community of weak
Let the black rain wash away their guilt
Let them be burned purified
Eternal fire will burn the land
Covered with blood of innocent
Majesty of this world collapse
Light will prevail

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