Six Million Dollar Man Opening

Six Million Dollar Man

NASA One (flight control): "It looks good at NASA One."

B-52 Pilot: "Roger. BCS Arm switch is on."

NASA One: "Okay, Victor."

B-52 Pilot: "Lining Rocket Arm switch is on."

B-52 Pilot: "Here comes the throttle. Circuit breakers in."

Steve Austin (voice of Lee Majors): "We have separation."

Chase plane: "Roger."

B-52 Pilot: "Inboard and outboards are on."

B-52 Pilot: "I'm comin' a-port with the sideslip."

NASA One: "Looks good."

B-52 Pilot: "Ah, Roger."

Steve Austin: "I've got a blow-out - damper three!"

Chase plane: "Get your pitch to zero."

Steve Austin: "Pitch is out! I can't hold altitude!"

B-52 Pilot: "Correction, Alpha Hold is off, turn selectors - Emergency!"

Steve Austin: "Flight Com! I can't hold it! She's breaking up, she's break-"

Oscar Goldman: Steve Austin, astronaut: a man barely alive
Gentlemen we can rebuild him
We have the technology
We have the capability to make the worlds first bionic man
Steve Austin will be that man
Better than he was before
Better, Stronger, Faster

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