Have you read the script?
Could you picture it?
Is it worth the risk?

Everything I love
Is on the line
On these neon signs

But I need to know, when you looked away
Was it something that I said? Was it something that I said?
Well, okay, okay, I need you more than I did before
Now that the concrete is nearly set

Here in the second act I’m living in repair
Strange how the heart adapts when its pieces disappear
And there, on page 28, I’m so tired of drying glue
I begin my grand attempt at building something new

Though I tend to write
The epiphany more immediately
I guess I’m trusting that there’s such a thing
As elegance in dissonance

God, I’m skeptical of pulling scenes
Was it something that I said? Was it something that I did?
Please don’t get me wrong, I still need your help
As history repeats itself

Here in the aftermath, I’m pulling at the seams
Strange how the heart adapts in the absence of routine
And there, on page 29, I find new and make it mine
But I can't help casting shadows on all I leave behind

Maybe I could afford to change a bit
Even let go of the reigns?
Every torn out page was worth the risk
Now that the stakes have been raised

So here in the final draft, I've given all I have
Strange how the heart expands in the absence of a plan
There's nothing left on the page, but I'm okay with that
For I found my resolution
Was designed for stronger hands

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