Like a Child Hiding Behind Your Tombstone


Drink seltzer, smoke weed when you can't sleep
Think about shooting birds
Everyone has got a violent streak
I think my face looks like glass
but my body feels plastic

Melt me into a bottle
I wish that I was a baby sucking on myself
Boogie down to the water
I thought that maybe
I could be the lake's daughter
Because I float like an infant inside of it
weightless in the lake
It's got nothing to take from me

I feel like a child
hiding behind your tombstone
But the graveyard's not lonely
Plus, who doesn't love a good cemetery?

I feel like a fetus
Because my eyes are not open
and I don't have fingernails
Can't claw my way out of anyone, or anything

Hold me under the water
My lungs are filling with plankton
But the lake is not lonely
I need for you to come with me

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