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Some Kind Of Cowgirl


Hate the words inside my head
Spat them out into a cup
Lock me up, just lock me up
Faces change and naturally
Yours is melting off your bones
It is falling to the floor

I think bad things
I host bad thoughts

I'm only kind of sorry
But if you took me to the zoo
I’d be some kind of cowgirl
Some kind of cowgirl

I am crawling underground
Wish that you could meet me there
Sick and foaming at the mouth
Sometimes I disgust myself
But man, you look so much like me
You look like everybody else

I'm sorry for my jokes about dying
I said that I'm not afraid, but I’m lying
And now I feel lonelier than I did before

Do you want to hack me up?
Sometimes I so wish you would
I am not scared of your blade
I will bite down on your hand
And you can lead me around town
You are not scared of my teeth

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