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Hide And Seek

Sophie Moleta

everything being rock, being gas, being mist, being mind,
being the mesons travelling among the galaxies
at the speed of light,
you have come here, my beloved,
and your blue eyes shine, so beautiful, so deep
you have taken the path traced for you
from the non -beginning and the never- ending.
you say that on your way here
you have gone through
many millons of births and deaths.
innumerable times you have been transformed
into firestorms in outer space.
you have used your own body
to measure the age of the mountains and the rivers.
you have manifested yourself
as trees, grass, butterflies, single celled beings,
and as chrysanthemums.
but the eyes with which you look at me this morning
tell me that you have never died.
your smile invites me into the game
whose beginning no one knows

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