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Angel Of Silence

Sophie Moleta

Up in the back garden
Collecting some herbs
And the sunlight came thru the clouds.....

I am here
In this moment
In this sunlight
Up on the bank after the days
Of icey coldness

I am like the flame
Burning centre
In the mosaic
Pink glass house
I am here
Standing solid
In this storm

Finding a peace
That for so long seemed
Lost but not forgotten

And its amazing what it takes
To break the ice
Its amazing what it takes
To crack the glass

Its amazing how much
Perseverence courage
To break thru a pattern

I am here in this moment
In this evening light

Standing alone here in a space that ive created

Loving that space
Loving the silence
Loving the nothing
Loving the choices
Loving the freedom

And its amazing what it takes to
Change your mind
Its amazing what it takes to
Begin to become aligned
Amazing the
Break thrus that
Happen in time

Listen in the silence for the angels
Listen thru the clearing thru the spaces
Feel the way their wings are holding you
Feel the love their kisses are sending you
Feel all your worries just
Slip away
Feel how in the silence
You can see again

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