Dear soul,

Dare me to introduce myself,
In those pages I'd like to see you fill,
At the same that you emptied my life,
And my soul. Fill all my spirit.

I do not want to be prolix and I fear,
With no doubt, and dirtying
Your future feelings,
I do not want to be sure of me,
With no hours,
Enclosing to your future feelings.

Nevertheless, take this skin
As a mark, a gage of,
As a mark of you in me,
This mark of you in me,
As the witness crys this feeling's reading inside of
Of me,
The cadaver can be exquisite.

It stands still on the hours and decades
A gate

The pure aspect of your intimate, tonight
So dare me, to introduce myself
Without any word and anything
Without anything that can kiss my lips
Crushes on your skin forever
Crushes on my skin, forever

With nothing left but a lace
With nothing left but the trace
With nothing left on my skin and disgrace!
My skin and disgrace
All lovers
You and
You and I

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