Wake up in the mornin' and tinkle and a hoo-ah
Take a hot shower, watch the news!
Then I takes over-easy on the greasy side,
Oh yeah, I'm just an oridnary guy

I'm an ordinary guy, cept I can fly
And sometimes I'm invisible
All day long I'm justa rightin' wrongs
And making evil villians miserable...
"Oy, you can say that again!"
I love making evil villians miserable!
"Errr, of all the cartoon shows in all the universe, I get stuckon this one."
Work day's over and I got me a date with a big fat piece of pie
I sit around thinkin' what a good boy am I
But hey, I'm just an ordinary guy
Just an average superhero kinda guy
I'm just, an extra ordinary guy............oh yeah!

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