Father unborn
In realms beyond the sky
Hear my voice forlorn
I praise thy name
but in return you grant me lies
Am I to blame?
By what right
Do you deny my soul
Earthly splendour and delight
Broken men like me
Is that your goal
To prolong our pain eternally
Father up high
Your bowels of endless pain
Burn like tears
In our souls so filled with shame
On the top of the world I´ll declare
There is no God but man
May the angelic powers beware
From this world I shall them ban
And the law "Do what thou wilt"
Shall all men and women awaken
From the slavery of guilt
By their lord God forced to betaken
In fury I raise my weapon against you
In your own blood shall you drown
I refuse to be your blindfolded acolyte
I shall never bleed upon your cross
And you scorn of man who doth not follow me
I, the new lord God, shall make anger known

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