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Decrowning The Irenarch


Imperator pacificus - transgressing the law sacred
Superseded dominion - of mere human ordinance

For those who shall not yield
To the dictate of the irenarch’s word
For those who shall not laud
The orations of his lassitude
For those who shall not bow
To the throne upon which such peace is crowned
For those impending few
Destined to seize his sword and scepter

Ara Pacis! A sword brought for thee
Upon the altar of majestic peace
Ara Pacis! Fire bought for thee
Within the temple of indolent peace

For those who consecrate the regicide
Will be through conquest reborn
For those bestowed with victory
Bestowed with a sword of peace in storm
For those who surpass the plebian will
Surpassing that which can’t be opposed
Will one day hold the scepter
Of empire, axis of the world

Ara Pacis! Blood upon thee
From throats of the irenic see
Ara Pacis! Burn forevermore
By the fire of the stratocratic law

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