From the veils of the past - pacifism falls
A crippled dove - imprecated by militant hearts
The immortal glory of a monument of war
Shall be with us 'til the day we die

Let the unholy war begin - let the fires devour
Let the sky turn red - let blood be shed
Let the unholy war begin - let the fires devastate
As the firmament rots - and humanity fails

Gunfire hisses through the sky
Cuts down with foresight of the new dawn
War and fire scorch the land
Of those who defy chaos and war

Gather for attack, forces of the true light
Vanguard fighters of a new order
Let those who rot in cowardice and fear
Be targeted first for the sedition's murder
For war is the path to salvation
And the Goddess of Peace can walk
Only By the side of the God of War
More worms for the gaping jaws of War!

2000 years of hypocrisy
Doctrinal political debility
Crushed underfoot as your bones
By the legions of Warblood Nobility
Entering the fortunes of this faith
Like the ashes of its scriptures and tomes

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