How can i touch you so far away
I miss you more than these words can say
I know you're lonely but so am i
But when temptation calls you
Remember you're my guy

Save your love my love
Save it just for me
Save it up every drop
Till you're here with me
Save it all don't you fall
To my heart be true
Cause i'm savin' my love for you

You know i trust you with all my heart
Still i get jealous when we're apart
It's only human we're gonna flirt
But if you get too friendly
Baby, i'll get hurt


Kenny called me late last night baby
Hopin' he could steal my heart away
I'll keep hangin' up on him
All that i'm askin' is you do the same

Baby (2x)
Baby, it's just for you baby
Baby boy

[chorus] (2x)

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