Reflect all your bad thoughts, fuck what you've sinned
Stand on your own two feet, it's all you'll ever need
It's only a disease

We'll set this place on fire there's no need to wait
We've got one life to live
We'll make our own mistakes

Hold on, cause you're in for a ride
And its getting worse
( you want to control me )
I laugh at the thought of your insecurities

Release me from these shackles and show me you care
Oh god, if you're really there
You think the walls are coming down
You've seen nothing yet

This is your own life, your own fucking story
You are the author, put the pen to the paper

Yourself in disguise, such weak thing
To offer to the world (to offer to the world)
These dorman thoughts
In a stagnant oasis
Nothing is what it seems to be

This is your life
You are the author
Take a look back
Put the pen to the paper

It's so easy to see, when everyone's around me, and anyone's around me
It's getting harder to breathe, when i realize that no one is around me
Nobody is around me

You think these walls are coming down, you've seen nothing yet
One life, one mind, savor the moment
God if you're really there release me from these shackles
And show me that you care, show me that you care

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