When you feel the need to bring me down
Find a broken mirror you'll see the
Shattered reflection of the pathetic person you are

On my own, i can overcome
This fear and hate, i've grown for you
When you feel all the pain
Loss and sorrow, of what you've lost
You can think of me

Find your sense of balance fall upon your knees
Take my words upon your lips and shed your graceful wings
Your face in the crowd, staring like a moth to its light
Like a moth to its light!

Recognition of the opposition
Is key to get by
Im searching for a means to an end
Two sides to every story and one ending
Sheds its true light. ill wait until that day
Comes. you prove me wrong. and collapse
The light into the earth.
All along i fought for this life
But, i never discovered what it means
When the truth is uncovered
I'll find you

These times are changing and i know you can't deny it
I have the strength you need, i'm not here to supply it
You can't stop us now!
Please let me sleep. ive dreampt myself awake.
I've been searching
I've been dreaming
I've been cut down and built up
Two sides to every story but, in the end
We'll always stand alone. will you let me
Sleep, because ive dreampt myself awake.
And the thought ill never stand alone. watching
Our visions fading to grey. we'll tear down what
We've built up.
Recognition of the opposition is key to get by
Shattered reflection, of the pathetic person you are
Two sides to every story but, in the end i'll always stand alone

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