Well it's time for me to go
I'm going to travel the world to the other side
That's what i do, there's no need to fight
Please, dry your tears
I know you're sad because i'm leaving you
But i'll be true, it's not an easy thing to do
It's what i have to do
Don't you worry i'll find you

Bye bye, bye bye my love
I have to go to the lonely road
Don't cry, don't cry my love
I will see you someday, whoo baby

Now, it's been awhile, that i haven't been away from you
But now it's time to do what i have to
No, don't you forget
Who you are dealing with, that's what i am
N' you just have to see n' understand
I give all i can, still i won't forget you

Bye bye…
I'll be back to you again

I have been so far away,
I've been gone so many days
But always i've come back
N' it's not going to change
I just can't estrange me from you

Bye bye…

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