Oh i need you, oh i want your love, oh i need you baby
Every day n' night, i can't get you off my mind
I am crazy for you, like it or not

Everytime i see you i go mad
To be with you, it can't be bad

Oh i need you, i need you, need you to be my
Woman, woman
Oh i'm going nowhere without my
Woman, woman
Oh i know i'll fade away, if you won't be my
Woman, woman
There's no need for you to resist, just be my
Woman, woman

Oh i've been with many others, but there's no one quite like you
Don't be afraid of, don't you walk away from me
Cos you know i want you so badly


I wanna know where will this road go
Come, please don't run
We'll take the ride n' we'll go with the flow

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