All The Young Monogamists

Steven Page

All the young monogamists
Are walking through the park
Each of them protagonists
In stories they won't start
You and I, we smile at them
We've seen it all before
Older now, and wiser when
We both know what's in store

As they gaze into the eyes
Of the one they love
They can feel inside of them
That this is not enough
Some of them will just grow tired
Some of them will flee
Some of them will sleep around
Just like you and me

You and I, we settled for
Whatever'd come along
And thought that lies were just like love
When put into a song
How could we, the cynical
Who've been around the block
Ever trust another soul?
And who of us should talk?

But here we are, monogamists
A-swearing it will last
I know it seems ridiculous
Considering our pasts

But I will always be true to you
Yes, I will always be true to you

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