So here we go again.
Ignorance brought back by popular demand.
It seems that I'll never understand.
How much more must
we lose before we turn this and around and choose,
do we dress the part or do
we have the heart? WE ARE THE DRIVING FORCE.
You'll knock us down
we'll get back up. WE ARE THE DRIVING FORCE.
We'll tear this down,
we'll push our luck. WE ARE THE DRIVING FORCE.
From here on out this is for us. WE ARE THE DRIVING FORCE.
We'll cross everyline you draw in the sand we'll always have the upperhand.
This time around we're fighting for something.
This time around its all or nothing.
No more excuses.
We're gunna follow this through to the very end.
No more excuses.
We won't let them take this again.

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