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Positive Aspects Of Negativity

Stretch Arm Strong

Sometimes I'd like to punch you in the mouth
just to keep you from talking so loud.
And sometimes I'd like to wring your little neck
so maybe just maybe you'd forget
to be so selfish all the time and wasting all my time with yourwords.
I can't hear you when you scream so loud
and I can't see you when you throw another fit.
It's just another heartache for me to endure.
My back is breaking, my knees are on the floor.
Afraid to say what's on my mind. I've played that fool so manytimes
and I don't wanna play that game anymore.
So before you take your final blow there's one thing that youshould know-
I tried to keep this painless for way too long.
I always hoped you'd see although you never could. You nevercould.
No easy answers for the way things go
and if the pain doesn't kill you it can only make you grow (2x)
It can only make you grow.

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