For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
I'm hoping you feel the same way too.

Where there's black, there is white
Where there's dark, there is light
Where there's wrong, there is right
Where there's day, there is night

Now don't be so naïve
Just tell me you believe
[One thing leads to another, baby]

Got looks, got style
Even has a pretty smile
Buy her dinner, so worthwhile
Kind you might walk down that aisle
Ice cream, two scoops please
Banana split, bring me to my knees
Rainbow sprinkles, cherry on top
Girl's so sweet, I'm gonna pop
Wait, wait, contemplate
Get your brain together
You can't think straight
Best make a move
It's getting late
Yo, go, with the flow
Is she diggin' on you?
You don't know
Oh no, look out below
Check that clock
It's time to go

If you believe...
Where there's fast, there is slow
Where there's stop, there is go (go... go... go, go, go)
Where there's ebb, there is flow
Where there's high, there is low (low... low... low, low, low)

Now don't be so naïve (don't be so, don't be so)
Just tell me you believe [let's begin together, baby]

Step 1, step 2 Hypothesis,
See it through
What's the mood
Get the facts
Then conclude
Music, beat, bench seat
Stop the car,
Be indiscreet
Step 3 Keep it real
Tell her how you really feel
Her place,
Warm embrace
Sweeps her hair
Across her face
Spin, grin, "can't come in"
Ziggazig what?
It's a sin
Bye bye,
Gotta fly
Changed my mind
Ask me why
Yo no offense
Just common sense
Wish you believed in science (science?)

... Science
If you believe in science

Now don't be so naive (don't be so, d-don't be so)
Just tell me you believe

If you believe...

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