"I was only laughing out loud" I say
"When anybody else would've done the same"
I could always shut my mouth again
But it'd still come out that way again
and again

Well I'm going to the hills now baby
Goin' out to the city building
Gonna sleep in the dirty alleys
Where the air is fresh
With the new day rising

You keep knocking on the door
But they don't answer anymore
Oh you know it aint your fault my dear
it's just that bad luck time of year

There's no use talking about the weather
And since that's all that's on my mind
Well then whatever
I don't have the time to waste my energy on lying
So babe I'll see you later

"I'd die with one less cocktail babe
It keeps me from feeling naked and ashamed
Oh I'd love to tell you stories old and new
True and false but I'd best be on my way"

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