drinkin' beers in the pouring rain dupont circle summer again jack in' wheels just for fun I was only 13 watch your step, but it's always the same your always down and always going a away learned a lot about the things you love to this day I never want to walk alone and I never want to see the sun come up and it's all because of you I never want to feel the pain I'm never gonna feel the same again and it's all for the memory of you black suit yeah the music is life wait! before you been out the rest of the night Max revenge was the name we laughed out in the school yard shot eyes yeah my moms always cryin' she says "your friend is dyin" what about the plans, we made for the next day
I know you may be right
I know it's not my life
I know it's not the right thing to do
I didn't take the call
I want and let my best friend fall
and I hope it was the right thing to do

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