Pre-teen maid said to Uncle Dave
You can't be saved
I'm going to go shop down Union Square
And misbehave
I drink margaritas with a passion kid
It make her sick
Another set of souls what did she say?
Pleased old Saint Nick

Pour some beans now on your on your plate son
You're much too close could you retreat some?
I'm not about to fucking tell you...

Got seasick sadly from a garden hose
She just froze
She turned blue while the angels screamed
And no one knows
If beardless Harry was such a waste
He had no taste
I'm gonna ride trolleys down to forty-seven
Just in case

Score some weed now on your dump run
You're much too young could you relate some?
I'm not about to fucking tell you... How it's done

Run run run Lou take a drag or two

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