I want a new purpose
An aim to a new end
I want a clear commission
I want a new best friend
I think I'm radio rental
I feel so near to the edge
This all feels like a rehearsal
When can we cross the bridge?

I want it all to be easier
I wanna find my own niche
To bathe in booze and butter
While shaking off the drips
I've yet so many vows to break
And pedestals to fall from
Still so many lines to cross
New novel ways to get numb

Everything is so temporary
I don't even know my contemporaries

I need to establish a point of view
I need to feel that I've hope
That I've something to gain from them
Some money for old rope

It's temporary, innocuous
Fruitless, sterile and rote
Contemporary, disposable
Nothing but the primed cost

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