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Blood Legacy


Wings of leather, fangs of lust
Citadel of soul under a shining scythe
Hearts in hunger, retaliation
New winds wail, enslaves and expels

Blood Legacy!

Circles of black two-hearted
Snared in a web of death
Here comes the days
Coming weltering in poisonous ways

Now walk among us
Fill your chest with tormenting thorns
Now come and join us
Taste the juice of mortal veins
Now raise the banners
And fill the sky with wings of leather
Open the ways
To unleash the damneds blood legacy

Now walk among us
Ascending descendants of damnation
Open your veins for burning at heart
So die - kiss your soul goodbye!

Blood on leather, claws in flesh
Grotesque opens in sanguine scenes
Colossal feast - euphoria
Manifesting these days with dynasts of death

Blood Legacy!

Confront the ways pure black doom
Churning the waves of doom
In cold days of fire
Watch the pile of skulls grow higher

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