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Metallic Devastation


Venomous power prevail under the eye of Death's star
Haunt in the rage beyond the walls of the wraths of time
Shadows sweep, chase upon the far fields in flames
Whence we rise through the fall of celestial lifecodes

Take the sword
Kiss the wind
Unite with magic
Ride free from time
On fields of dream
Through the silver sky
Bath in fire
Walk with shadows
Mark the sigh
In heart and soul
Swear by thy name
…Of the rising circle

Triumphant flames dance high, snare the works of gold
Tribulation brought by the claws of abomination
The starvault stormed by metallic devastation
Now encounter the ones enslaved by the lords

We are the masters, the tormentors and destroyers
- Iron fisted warrior's circle, bringers of the storm
No one for can outface the Possessed and our power
- Prayers for death, and death it will be!

Wrath of darkness wreathe the dreaming sky
The focus of the opening blackened chasm of time
Iron and steel blaze in death's cities
The burning reaches bring the serpents to life

Forever more…
Roars the possesseds hammer
…Hard sings the season
Where the usurpers once gathered under the eye of death's star
The walls of time have turned to dust, to ashes and air
And deep into the universial vaults
The masters wheel comes full circle

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