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Chorus: Tash

Now when you see me gettin drunk it's like "aww shit!"
When you hear this likwid funk it's like "aww shit!"
When I'm pushin through the crowd it's like "aww shit!"
There goes CaTashTrophe, Tha Alkahol-iks

Verse One: Tash

Now my objective with this rhymin is to take words and bounceem
And twist em up so bad that wack MC's can't pronounce em
Just to show ya how we house em from the Westside of thangs
(Killa Cali motherfuckers) where the gangbangers hang
The L dot A dot Crenshaw Boulevard
Where I write rhymes so hard niggaz swap my tradin cards
Cause my Cali niggaz feel this realness, lyrics healness
that'll make the special mist when I grab this gun and killthis
But still this, brother stays alive like Wyclef
I'm steppin through the house the rappers step to the left
Cause I fry em like a chef and then get on with my evening
So never twist it up that lyrically we even thievin
Cause I stop your breathin quick like (UHH) then revive ya
I swum with bigger fish than the deep sea diver
Cause CaTash the likwidater's here to blow it through the roof
Grab the money and the hoes then dissapear like poof

Chorus: Tash

Off that 151 it's like "aww shit!"
When a nigga pop his gun it's like "aww shit!"
When we up next to flow it's like "aww shit!"
That's my nigga J-Ro Tha Alkahol-iks

Verse Two: J-Ro, Tash

I've got senoritas, from Alameda to Receda
Me and Olde E, is like Tarzan and Cheetah
I wish Hen Rock came in a two liter
Swift could you turn up the big drum beater
But still I, got to pull my brew out the chiller
Tonight it's goin down like the house of Reggie Miller (J-Ro)
Everybody turn to your nigga on the right
Give him a pound and say Tha Liks is tight

And eat your heart out while we rock ya from the startout to theclosing
with styles that leave you faded like the logo on our clothing
Cause it's a Alkie flow thing, as nasty as we wanna
That's ? Swift, I'm Tash the top gunner
The number one for funner two tonner with the talents
that the doctors have described as a chemical imbalance
of the (weed) and the (drank) on my memory bank
My distorted words recorded make your minds go blank

Yo, when you low on your cash it's like "aww shit!"
When you catch a girl with Tash it's like "aww shit!"
When you see Xzibit bust it's like "aww shit!"
When you gettin drunk with us it's like "aww shit!"
When the cops run your plates it's like "aww shit!"
My girl's period is late man "aww shit!"
When your baby momma call it's like "aww shit!"
Everytime we rock for y'all it's like "aww shit!"

Verse Three: J-Ro

Yo, here's a toast, to all the MC's who rock the most
And all the b-boys worldwide and Coast II Coast
Peace to Big Boy, peace to Trugoy
Master P, Kam, and Afrika Baby Bam
Jayo Felony, Money B, and Ol Dirty
Peace to all the rappers still rhymin over thirty
Oh shit, I'm to' back, I need to take a piss
Only When I'm Drunk I bust flows like this
My style'll make you earl on your girl (bleahh)
I probably got the three baddest hoes in the world
Defyin all, gravitational laws
Lyrics flippin like Dominique Dawes with no drawers
Whassup with that there nigga put it in the air
Don't even break it out if you ain't gonna share
it's like that man, I spray Jokers like Batman
And I don't have to be Robin/robbin to live fat man

Chorus: Xzibit

New year's nineteen ninety nine it's "aww shit!"
When you gotta do county time it's "aww shit!"
If you didn't read before you signed "aww shit!"
If you ever try to fuck with mine "aww shit!"

When we bounce through your city it's "aww shit!"
When my face is lookin serious "aww shit!"
Two dimes but yours look hideous "aww shit!"
Yeah, and when we drop it on you idiots "aww shit!"

Yeah yeah, Mister X to the Z with the L-I-K's
It's the Likwid family, bringin it live, to you and yours
And we out

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