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The Baby Bubbas in the house
We came here to party, so get up everybody (repeat 4X)

Well my name is J-Ro I came to rock the world
And my name is Lil Tone I got all the girls
In the place to be is Devastating E
And Exhibit on the mic so viciously

The Baby Bubbas in the house (repeat 2X)

I say sticks and stones may break my bones
But this gat sure nuff will kill ya
And if you're messin with Tone then you will see
On the street is where I'll leave ya
I say I don't play games when I play that thang
You make a move get up and to the boogie the bang
Cause I'm a, Superfly on the microphone
And you can tell by now I got it goin on

See I wear my Adidas shoes real real tight
Just so I can do my windmills right
I'm fresh out the box, baby can you dig it
Funky def rhyme comin straight from Exhibit
See we came here, to rock the world
I broke out the sheen and refreshed my curl
See I hip, hop, never will I stop
Protect and serve you like Robocop

Well my name is E in the place to be
I like to drink cold old, forties
Drink until my stomach is numb
And talk about tall big ever-rum
Rappin on the mic like he's the man
With this break I'm Superman
Lookin like Kurtis Blow's song
Singin dum-diddy-dum-diddy-diddy-dum-dum

Well I'm the king of romace, don't stop to rock
GIrl I can't dance, but I can pop-lock
I wanna freak freak, I'm so unique
Get your panties wet every time I speak
Well you spell my name with a J-R-O
I'm a hip-hop professional
Sippin rum and coke straight out my cup
Yo E-Swift won't you cut it on up?

Ayy DJ, aiyyy DJ
Yo what's the name of this song, man, what's the name of thissong?
Flashback, always coming right and exact
Flashback, and you know we could never be wack
Flashback, Baby Bubbas comin right at you
Flashback, Lil Tone, what cha gonna do

Well I was walkin down the street it was sunny and hot
I saw my sexy girl drinkin on a soda pop
I said, "Uh baby doll, you got it goin on
You make me feel warm like butter on popcorn
A sexy chocolate, you're sweet like a cookie
Why don't you play rookie, so we can go boogie?"
A hoochie coochie, a inny minny monny
My rhymes stay shinin like gold on a diamond
Some can chill let me tell my grin
Cause I was there the first day when pimpin began
Because Uffy told Duffy, and Duffy told me
Then I told it to the Mack then they make the movie

Well I was standin on the corner talkin to myself
I said self, you rhyme like no one else
Well you the rapper man's rapper, dressed fresh and dapper
Everybody knows you do the funky hand clapper
Remember that party down on eighty-fifth
You best believe man you was shootin the gift
So I bought myself a forty and some candy too
Slapped myself out and started doin the do

Thanksgiving I went to mom's house
Cookin that pork and I seen the mouse
Shit wasn't right, I lost my appetitie
She made me stick my black ass there all night
I was stuck, she didn't give a fuck
I found that I was shit out of luck
And my stomach had a big-ass loll
So I drunk some Pepto-Bismol
To the hip to the hop you just don't stop
On the microphone is where I rock
Sucker MC's talkin all that stuff
Party people let me hear you say rahhhh

See I rap real strong, remove you like a tumor
You're nothin but cum on the sole of my Puma
You know I'm def, ladies say I'm fresh
See I rock the crowd til there's no one left
I'm slick like oil, I'm rollin in my caddy
I make the females scream, "Hey Cad Daddy!
What's up with you? The Baby Bubba crew?"
We kick it on Electric Avenue
So all the girls know I'm colder than the freezer
Exhibit in the house party people I'ma Libra

My name is Lil Tone and I'm good to go
And my zodiac sign baby is a Leo

My name is Devestate rock from dawn to dust
My zodiac sign is Aquarius

G-G-Gemini is my zodiac sign
I rock the house party at the drop of a dime

Baby Bubba's on the mic, E-Swift's on the cut
So get up out your seat and shake your butt
The Baby Bubba's (repeat 3X)

Yes, everybody put your headphones on
Sit down sit down yes calm down
The question was, what is an Alkaholik?
A Alkaholik is this
Some people take their first drink of alcohol
They like it, or they don't
They come back tot, or they stay away
You listen to hip-hop for the first time, you like it or youdon't
You either come back or you stay way
You come back to Tha Alkaholiks, liquid flows, every time baby
So get it right, get it right motherfucker!
The Liks is in the house for ninety-five, keepin it live
Yes yes, all the hip-hoppers say yes yes
And remember this, you cannot escape the power of the T's
And on that note, we gonna take it to another level
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha *urrp* excuse me

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