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Water dragons spitting fireballs,
underneath a perfect sky somewhere very far away.
Fools playing in their paradise,
all we can do is try to find our way back one of these days.
I had a dream of falling stars and ocean waves were rolling me.
Caught up it seems i'm a goona get way too lonely
here up in this scene.

Like water let worries drift away.

Strang people walking 'round missing everything,
that we can see and that will never change.
Not perfect but i feel ok,
fools waste their time on wishing things away,
dreaming of better days.
Caught underneath a mountain of reef and hoping,
i'll see you when you go.
I'm a rolling away,
i'm a get on my way,
'cause i don't wanna be late on my way home.

Like water let worries drift away.
Drift away.

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