Wise man he says "I'm a treat you like you wanted".
Foolish man says "I'm a treat you like I want to".
Evil you spread now is gonna come right back,
come right back and haunt you.
Love that you share now,
it will guide and protect you.
Guide and protect you.

Met a policeman, said he was a soldier.
Told me to get out of his face and hit the road ya.
But see I don't need me no army 'cause I don't want no fight.
But I'm a stand up for the difference between wrong and right.
Mistakes are lessons and lessons learned
take the place of ignorance in return.
No, don't judge a man 'til you walk in his shoes.
Some men ain't got nothing to lose.

Shot down all over town.

Better believe there's war on up ahead ya,
Until we can settle the score and share the bread ya.
Some people got no choices from the day they are born.
Some other people got many but their reasons are wrong.
Catch a fire, you're gonna get burned.
Sow the seed, it will come back in return.
Some people think they are above it all,
and everything but they will fall.

Shot down all over town.

I'm not sure anymore,
about those places that I once knew.
See, I don't see you when I walk these streets in the night.
It's so hard without you here by my side.
But on one fine day, under the sun we'll be there with everyone.
Everybody that has been and gone.

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