Rolling down the street,
Diggin' the wind in my window
'Cause today we be high rollin'
High rollin' baby.

Life aint what it seems,
Too many people thinking money is the way to get free.
Time is golden.
Time is golden, you crazy?

Yo girl you're so sweet,
Too busy dancing to the rhythm to be shuffling your feet.
Hey where you going, hey where you going now lady?
These walls talk to me.

There's a world outside so why'm i let them trap in me?
See i'm a going, see i'm a going to baby.

And all i ever did was waste my time,
Sat upon my porch but i'm feelin' fine.
The time goes but the memory still shows,
So for now i guess i'm getting me another one,
So it seems.

Rollin' down the road,
There's an old man sitting where the pothole goes.
He's aware, he's aware of what's real.
Told me to move slow,

Too many people rush then they lose their flow.
For sure we're, for sure we're not i feel.
Yo girl you're so nice,
The way you move so crazy girl it's just not right.

I don't care, i don't care what i steal,
If it makes you right.
Why're my legs feeling heavy when my head is light?
Yo there, yo there is my deal.

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