All my life I've been waiting for a girl like you.
You're no fun, you're the one insipid sedentary girl.
You came along and stole my heart and tore my mind in two, I owe the world to you insipid sedentary girl.
All my friends curse the day that I fell for you, and sometimes I do too insipid sedentary girl.
But they don't know all the things that you and I don't do, they're probably jealous too insipid sedentary.
Insipid sedentary girl, baby I love you so.
And if what they say is true I'm just too dumb to ever know. Now I sit on the couch and grow old with you, and fat and ugly too insipid sedentary girl.
Banality, you and me, and your hamster too, the things I used to do insipid sedentary girl.
I haven't been to see my friends in about a year or two, but baby I got you insipid sedentary girl.
Sometimes I wish that I could go and do the things they do, but that would anger you insipid sedentary...

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