He walked the halls of that wretched place where the soon-to-be laid dying.
Went to the room where she was kept, but there was nothing inside but a well made bed, and so he turned to the nurse and said "excuse me miss, but could you please direct me where my mother is?".
She turned and said to him "Didn't you know? Mary passed away two days ago."
So don't you tell him that your goddamn life isn't fair cos you don't like your clothes, your car or your hair.
He's a Mama's boy who ain't got a Mom anymore, so run and hide cos he's gonna start an all-out war.
But then from nowhere, he feels a gentle hand on his shoulder, and suddenly all the murder leaves his mind.
Noone knew a fragile life like the woman that his Father used to call his Wife.
And for what it's worth noone was as kind. So let the bombs fall, cos buddy I don't care.
Kill em fucking all man, Kill everybody each and everywhere.
He rang me up and said "I'll meet you at the liquor store, we'll drink and drink until we can't fucking breathe anymore.
I'm sick to death and I'm drowning in my own fucking tears, what harm will come if I knock away a few more beers?"

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