Why not come over girl?
I know you want me.
But you're always saying that you can't agree.
Well come on girl keep on sayin',
Because it just might come true.
Plus you know I love to hear you scream.

Well come on turn me on just like I'm a light switch,
'cause I wanna see every corner of this room.
Just string me up c'mon string me up on a string of pretty lights,
Pretty lights, pretty little fights,
That we always get into.

No I don't care, I don't mind,
(Go and have a good time),
And when you're done having fun,
(I'll be waiting here in line),
A broken leg, I'm busted up,
(But it's all a state of mind),
But no really I'll be fine.

You keep it up and you'll be blindin' me,
And this aggression will not stand.
Well keep it up 'cause if I take forty more nights of this you know,
I just, I just might go blind y'know baby,
But you know I just want to be your man.

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