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Sweet Mount'n Home

The Carter Family

Far away on a hill, on a sunny mountainside
My girl and I got married, and then we moved inside
Of my old Sweet Mount'n Home

But my job was taken from me, it was outsourced overseas.
Now some guy in India is making more than me
At my old Sweet Mount'n Home.

Fare-thee-well to my old home,
cause I could not pay the loan.
Now the bank is movin' [in.
Here I go, down the road a gain.

My home is in foreclosure, the sheriff said, "Go 'way!"
We're living in a pickup truck and I expect to stay
Near my old Sweet Mount'n Home.


The kids are gettin' hungry, the wife says she's real cold
Sleepin' in a camper shell sure was gettin' old,
So we said goodbye, Sweet Mount'n Home.


So we're goin' to Sacramento, where people live in tents.
I'm never goin' home again, I can't afford the rent
On my old, sweet Mount'n Home.