You bet we fight, until pressed against six feet of distance and earth
Yeah we make mistakes that our fathers have made and my troubles come up from the earth
My teeth grit, fierce, and I beg you to understand, Grace is my name
Tongues run amok and fangs will breed on fangs
So keep your secrets in the mattress and pray that they don't escape
It's impossible act of building our bridges much faster than they burn
Stay, because I can't afford the distance shadowing my heart
And what good is a sinner if we haven't got grace

Save the son
My troubles boulevard across the land
Save the son
They're keeping secrets in the mattress
Save the son
Save the son
I'm trying to keep them right here
I've given up all my weapons and headed home

I can see the words inside your silence, but I can't speak about your pain for you
How long can you burn for anyways
Turning over and back again with tongues ablaze like lions without teeth, hungry
Staring at the forests of flames and our eyes just talking with the trees
If we could drift long enough we'll be home
Sails blown by the fire within pushing me to you
And you can live inside of me, sewn together
Breaking, inhaling, growing and breaking again and again
And you are a part of me
You are my home and I'm your home but I'm no place you want to be
So I'm out here again, sparks hid behind my teeth
I won't say a word for fear of failure spreading
It takes some of us longer to get to our dead-ends now
Oh blood-stained with loose living
Ran through charcoal hearts to make it red
And we can be on fire again, you and I, you want this
Well say what you want, say what you mean
Or we can talk, lung to closed ear
Head inside a hand turning over again, together
Cut up with cheap heat running through our veins
And we can lay brick by broken brick, our ashes pushed in between
And build this road back home to where we wanna be
We are not on our own, we are the same

Let fangs give birth to fangs but I can't walk away
But I can't walk away
Let them breed

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