I followed snowflake late one winters night
Passed through a street lamp, shattered the light
A diamond sparkle that glitters blue
And covered angels that looked a lot like you
Are we frozen, are we lost?
Are we gone, are we all done?
All gone, all done

I followed footprints to our hallowed throne
Passed through you crying, next to out stones
Your eyes sparkle and they glitter green
I have nothing, cause we've lost everything
Are we frozen, are we gone?
Are we lost, are we done?
All gone, all done

Just ghosts of what we were
A vivid picture turned blue blur
And these eyes don't cry, they've been frostbit shut
And this mouth can't scream, but fuck i wish i could

Ashes ashes we all fall down
Sweet pure spoiled, soiled and sour
John's ring of fire blacks out all kids who dare
Something wicked this way come
St. valentine, cloved foot and horns
With blazing guns shoots down all kids who care

And i care
Don't care, don't care

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