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The Desperate Man & The Deadweight

The Cryptkeeper Five

I watched the light climb through the trees
And realized i've lost that love
I used to be a simple man
But i've been simply wronged
And i don't run run run
No i won't run run run

My eyes burn
But i sit and watch the leaves fall
On a freshly frosted grass
Autumns perfume slowly creeping
She wears "seasons of the dead"
I've been thinking bout a time when i could sleep
And slept while you crept to steal my happiness
For one whole week without an ounce of rest
And i can't help but to wish you blue
Cause it's the one thing you can do
To make my aches suppress

And i don't run run run
No i won't run run run

I'm desperate, i'm hurt, i am lonely
And this void inside just swells
Now although i'm not a violent man
The tendencies appeared
Now i've got skeletons in my closet
I'm gonna bury all where even i can't find em
Somewhere in an unmarked hole
You made this bed i could have died in it
But i dug this grave and you will lie in it
And i curse your unmarred soul

I watched the sun snail cross the sky
Hues shift from blue to grey then gold
Shadows slip and disapear
Horizon swallows my warmth whole
Under the bridge
We walked through the crick
To the foot of your new home
I whispered sweetly softly
"little goth boy with your new blue-black hair you must be destroyed"

I'm dragging your body
Across the wood
All my pains gets dropped into this cold dark earth

Dragging your body
Across the wood
And every shovel i unload is a rebirth

It feels good
It felt good
I feel good
So damn good

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