In my nightmare I cut out your heart in that warm milky room that ends where it starts
White tile walls wide desks and green wooden floors and a bed
reality's on a collision course
Running floating sting stung like a bee silently sweating frantic low-key
We're both cornered you're glaring evil the next steps and room tilts downhill

Stare Stare Can't believe you
As I raise the knife Kill Kill Kill

In my nightmare lies cheats threats vicious promises when it's done still no excuses
You've changed from the light to the dark from the greenest pine to a lowdown shark
Your face shifts from snarling to serene
yesteryear my doubts drown out what was loud and clear
But still I must get this done with before your malevolence becomes myth

Stare Stare Won't believe you
As I raise the knife Cry Cry Cry

In my nightmare Your nightmare
Death of you Death of us
Murder's done Murder's crime
Black market Black Monday Black Monday

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