Welcome to the cobra zone, you're chilling with the Frisk.
Here, now, and forever.

At the end of the day, work's done, time to play in the cobra zone
we just wanna kick back, have fun, get a little badical, a little radical
But you know, I don't think we're quite alone.
I look out the window and what to my wondering
eyes does appear? It's you.
You're freaky baby.
You're twice as freaky as Charlie's Squeaky.
Step back, Jack.

Don't panic- But I just can't seem to relax
Don't panic- I'm about to have a heart attack
You make me nervous so I just can't sleep at night
Nervous- under my pillow I keep a knife
Nervous- is that you on the telephone?
Nervous- I just want you to leave me alone

Chilling out on the sidewalk, adult cola in my hand.
You're there, I'm there, you're like a black cat crossing my path.
Maybe I'm just paranoid, but sometimes it is just black and white.

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