Hey, hey, hey
You gotta make me come alive
With one drop of chanel no 5

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Make me feel like a VIP
And let me shine for the world to see

Cause I can be your million dollar babe
Kiss your heart, make it sizzle and shake
I can be your supermodel doll
Stand by you at your beck and call

It takes a little bit of gucci
And a little bit of love
It takes a little piece of heaven
And a diamond-studded heart
To spin my wheel
And make me feel
Absolutely fabulous tonight!

Hey, hey, hey
Absolutely fabulous
You gotta give me all I need
And it takes more than love to succeed

Hey, hey, hey
If I am an expensive girl
Blame it on this material world

Cause I can be your private beauty queen
Spice your life, make it dazzle and shine
I can be your galliano girl
Stand by you and won't kiss and tell!

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