I'm on the road racing
Nobody knows my name
No one knows what I'm thinking
There goes the fire
I'm insane again
I'm running my mouth
I'm screaming and shouting
I'm pissed off at the fact I know
You're trying to bring us down
That's why we've got to

(We've got to keep on)
We've got to keep on fighting
(Fighting the fight)
You know, yeah you know
You got to keep one whoa, whoa
(We've got to keep on)
(Fighting the fight)
Stand up

I've got that hideaway
Where we can go and get a little lazy
But first we've got to get it done
Yes the work, it's gonna drive us crazy
And then some times when it gets mixed up
These emotions try to mess with my head
So I split it there and I let them get theirs
You know, you know

(We've got to keep on)
Every day, yeah
(Fighting the fight)
They can't stop my desire
(We've got to keep on)
We never giving up
We never giving up
(Fighting the fight)
We going one step forward
And no step backwards
Just keep on moving

Yeah you're listening to The Green
Green music
It's some roots music in a two day version
You got to remember to keep it strong

I wanna see the world
I wanna meet the girls
I wanna change the scene
When you open your ears
You know what I mean
I wanna be a star
Don't drive no fancy car
Don't wear flashy bling
When you open your eyes
I'm gonna need you to see

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