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Stand And Deliver

The Jezabels

Oh, weren't those days so gay?
It was you and me, daddy
On the island
But you're too busy for me now
Wish we could take a holiday
On the island
Oh, daddy please
You're so busy all your life
Let's go back to the island
You can marry me
Let me be your wife

What's a girl to do?
Standin' in the spotlight
What's it gonna be?
Maybe it's a broken heart

Lookin' up at you
Style and pedigree
I don't need a wristwatch
To tell that that's the time it is

And I don't think I can make it
Trembling at the door
Cause he used to be my babe
But he don't care anymore

And it's something quite unfair
In the underlying scene
That she wants the same success
But she's lackin' in the breeding

Tell me, why the noise?
You think you'd be used to this
So, come on little boys
Come and give a bitch a kiss

Take me all the way
Be my holiday
Meet me at a cheap hotel

Oh, shifty off the mark
Fiddle in the dark
Before you know you know me well

And it's something quite unfair
Even systematically
That she wants the same success
But she's lacking in the real thing

Doomed to fall for anything she read
And upon the toilet wall
It was written and it said

We stand and deliver
Just what you need
Complete satisfaction
Is a guarantee

She don't need a wristband
She can tell, tell the time that it is
Tell what's right in front of me, yeah
Hell yeah, I can tell that he's a fine pedigree

She don't need a wristband (black friday)
If she's watching me (that's my day)
Complete satisfaction (so shiny)
Is a guarantee (black friday)

He don't need to worry
Baby he can slip right in
Like a penny
Maybe he can make in me
Proper pedigree
Maybe what was good in him
Could be good in me

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