I die, you die
Softly and so alive
No one else has seen me cry
Ghetto child

I hear you breathing
See your heart beating
Promise this time the dreams are on me
Ghetto child

Driven like the lambs
Hiding from the hands
She breathes, she breathes, she breathes
When out the door she slams
For no one understands
She breathes, she breathes, she breathes
Breathes a ghetto child

Paper flowers
So grey and golden
Scent the circus of your soul
Ghetto child

A book of pictures
With no words for it
Something's scribbled in the snow
Ghetto child

Child born after Coltrane died
But before that one small step
Relieved when no one realised
That's as high as man could get
You'll never take a bigger step
Than a ghetto child

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