Death is an easy sister my brain is a transistor
My radio is not tuned in I'm static I'm oblivion
Where do I go now that I know
Nothing ever changes I live in crowds of strangers
The night would be my friend
If I came back again
I could hide look inside
The dark places
Where I left my bloody faces
Plastered them with makeup
Hoped I wouldn't wake up
But crash and burn is all I know
They won't play it on my radio
They won't play it anywhere
They want to kill me (with silence)
Kill me (with dreams)
Kill me (with ambition)
Kill me
With guns with knives with hacksaws and machetes
Radioactive poisons and cancerous ratburgers
Empty eyes and painted smiles
They promise but they don't deliver
They promise me I can die
But they lie they lie they lie
They won't let me go
I'm dead and I'll never know

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