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Fourth Reich (Nazi Amerika)

The Lookouts

Who could believe it could happen again
But just look around and you'll know it's true
The nazis didn't die they just moved to
And now swastikas come in red white and blue
Fourth Reich Nazi Amerika
Fascism comes to the USA
Fourth Reich the night's getting darker
Too bad a great country has to end this way
You don't have to kill Jews to be a good nazi
Jews can kill Arabs and be nazis too
America's full of inferior people
Sooner or later they'll get round to you
Fourth Reich Nazi Amerika
Kill anything that gets in your way
Fourth Reich take anything you want
But now the time comes when you'll have to
Germany rode high on the hog for a short time
Fifty-five million people died in that war
Now we all live in a nuclear ghetto
We don't even need gas chambers anymore
Fourth Reich Nazi Amerika
Is this what you want for the USA
Fourth Reich time's running out for us
Too bad a great country has to end this way

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